Forecast: Arkansas Wheat Could Tie Record


The following article is from The Associated Press:

The forecast for Arkansas’ winter wheat crop says the record yield of 61 bushels per acre set in 2006 could be tied this year.

The Arkansas Crop Production Report by the National Agricultural Statistics Service places the expected yield at seven bushels per acre higher than last year. The average nationwide is expected to be about 46 bushels per acre.

The expected strong yield comes despite floods, drought, high winds and hail during the growing season earlier this year. Extension wheat agronomist Jason Kelley with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture says flooding alone destroyed thousands of acres of wheat.

A total of 31.7 million bushels of winter wheat is expected to be harvested from 520,000 acres. That’s up from 8.1 million bushels on 370,000 acres in 2010.


Source:  The Associated Press

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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