FSIS to Hold Livestock Haulers Accountable for Animal Welfare at Slaughterhouses


MeatingPlace.com reports:  

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service today announced in a notice that the agency intends to hold downstream livestock handlers accountable for humane handling of the animals prior to slaughter when on the premises of an official plant.

FSIS said it intends to initiate civil or criminal action against people not employed by an official establishment — livestock owners, transporters, haulers etc. — if they handle livestock inhumanely in connection with slaughter when on site.

“FSIS believes these actions will further improve the welfare of livestock handled in connection with slaughter by ensuring that all persons that inhumanely handle livestock in connection with slaughter are held accountable,” the agency said in the notice.

To view more details and background, read the notice here.


Source:  Livestock Market Association



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