Gas from 2,186 Goats Forced Plane to Make Emergency Landing


An airplane was forced to make an emergency landing after the gas of 2,186 animals was mistaken for smoke in the cargo hold.

The Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter plane, which was en-route from Adelaide, Australia to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, was diverted to Bali Denpasar on October 26 following the urgent announcement.

Upon landing, emergency services boarded the aircraft – which was carrying four crew members and the flock of goats- however reported that there was no trace of fire, heat, or smoke.

Flight SQ-7108 re-departed after the two and a half hour which determined the smoke was said to be a result of the gas and manure of 2,186 goats on board

According to the Aviation Herald, The smoke indication alarm sounded as the result of exhaust gasses and manure produced by the animals on the plane. 

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Source:  Daily Mail



A Day with Miles Flikke by JenCarole, on Flickr
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