General Mills Rejects Proposal to Dump GMOs


The vote to eliminate all genertically modified ingredients from the company's brands was held this week.

The following is portion of an article from the LA Times:

by David Pierson

General Mills Inc. has made strong commitments this year to natural and organic foods. It took genetically modified ingredients out of its signature cereal brand Cheerios and then doubled down on its organic lineup by striking an $820-million deal for Annie’s, a stalwart of the organic and natural foods industry.

But when the industrial food behemoth’s shareholders were presented with a proposal to dump all genetically modified ingredients from the company's vast lineup of brands, they responded with a resounding “No.”

The Minneapolis-based company said preliminary vote totals from Tuesday’s annual shareholder meeting showed that 97.8{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} of participants rejected the proposal.

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Source: LA Times
Posted by Haylie Shipp



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