“Give Reservations the Bison” Petition Started


In an interesting update to the ongoing turmoil that is Montana's bison situation, a petition has now been launched by Sierra Dawn Holt aiming to allow the tribes on the Fort Belknap and Fort Peck Indian Reservations to gain ownership of the bison placed on each by the state of Montana.


In the petition, it is stated:


“The state has been very clear that it expects the tribes to provide all the labor, shoulder all the expense, and accept all the responsibility for the bison Montana translocated to these reservations.  However, they refuse to commit to letting the tribes own the bison.  The state of Montana needs to give the tribes full, legal ownership of these bison with no strings and hidden agendas attached.


If the bison happen to step off the reservation, they should still remain tribal property; they should not suddenly belong to the state of Montana because they crossed an imaginary line. “


To read the full petition and, if you so choose, sign your name, CLICK HERE.




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Haylie Shipp

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