GM Labeling, Animal Welfare, & Your Right to Ranch


Two states that didn’t end up with much of the spotlight during the presidential election did gain a bit more of that fame when it comes to the agricultural vote.  

In California, a proposition that would have required labeling of biotech food products was defeated.  Proposition 37 would have reportedly cost every consumer in the state an average of $400 annually and would have made California the first state to require such a label on GMO products.


In North Dakota, Measure 3 passed by a margin of nearly 2 to 1.  This measure protects the ability of a farmer or rancher to use agricultural technology and modern livestock and ranching practices in their operation.  It prohibits any law that abridges this right.


Also in North Dakota, Measure 5 was defeated.  This measure, which carried the backing of the Humane Society of the United States, would have made it a class C felony to maliciously and intentionally harm a cat, dog, or horse.



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Haylie Shipp




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