Goehring Announces Partnership to Provide Credit Counseling


BISMARCK – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has announced a partnership between the North Dakota Department of Agriculture and North Dakota Farm Management Education to provide credit counseling services through the North Dakota Mediation Service (NDMS) due to the increased amount of farmers and ranchers who are having financial difficulty. 

“The current downturn in the commodity and livestock markets has left some farmers and ranchers in a tight spot,” said Goehring. “This partnership helps producers by providing credit counseling so they can get a better understanding of their financial picture and options. Sometimes just having a different set of eyes gives a different perspective.”

Aaron Anderson, State Supervisor for North Dakota Farm Management Education, said that the partnership is a good fit. “North Dakota Farm Management has long been dedicated to assisting clients with their economic and financial management,” he said.

Producers needing assistance can call the NDMS at 1-800-242-7535 to be paired with a credit counselor. 

“While our partnership helps with the financial aspects, farmers and ranchers should know that services are available to help deal with the mental and emotional toll,” said Goehring. “We encourage producers to call 211, a statewide 24-hour crisis and intervention helpline provided by FirstLink, or to contact their local health-care provider.”

Formerly the North Dakota Agricultural Mediation Service, NDMS was created in 1984 to help financially distressed farmers and ranchers by providing assistance in credit and financial matters and resolving disputes.

North Dakota Farm Management Education provides farm business management education programs to farm owners and operators or persons interested in farming.

More information is available at http://www.nd.gov/ndda/program/mediation-services



Source:  North Dakota Department of Agriculture

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