Governor’s EO Helps Sugar Beet Farmers


MONTANA – Governor Steve Bullock signed an executive order allowing increased weight limitations on transportation vehicles in order to protect sugar beet farmers in Montana.

“Record setting cold temperatures and early winter storms have limited the harvesting season for Montana’s farmers and workers,” Governor Bullock said. “Montana producers have already overcome many challenges due to the pandemic. Today’s order ensures farmers can harvest their crops in time and avoid unnecessary losses.”

A cold snap and early winter storm conditions are impacting current harvesting operations for Montana beet farmers. The executive order allows a temporary increase in gross vehicle weight tolerance for sugar beet farm vehicles from 20% for each axle to 30% during this harvest season, effective through November 30, 2020.

Montana producers face potential losses if their crops remain unharvested due to unfavorable weather conditions. The executive order will allow these producers to move product in order to ensure a successful harvest.

The sugar beet harvest has been clipping along, completing 20% of the harvest each week since really digging into the field. The snow and wet fields will most likely slow down digging.


Office of Montana Governor Steve Bullock


Northern Ag Network

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