Great Outdoors Initiative Continues It’s Tour


We’ve heard a lot this past 4 months about the “America’s Great Outdoors Initiative.”  The Initiative, which was established on April 16th with the signing of a Presidential Memo by President Obama, has been praised by some while leaving others feeling a little uneasy.

This video was put together to highlight the goals within the Inititiative:


After the memo was signed in April, the Initiative actually debuted in Montana at the beginning of June.  Those involved, including Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Montana’s governor and two senators, termed it a “bottom-up approach” to land preservation.  They denied that it had any relation to memos that had been leaked from the Department of the Interior discussing the possibility of using the Antiquities Act to create up to 14 national monuments in the west.

While the behind-the-scenes story to that leaked memo is still unfolding, they have conducted numerous listening sessions on the Great Outdoors Initiative like the one in Montana across the nation with three just this past week in New York and New Hampshire.  They say that there are more to come, but you can also submit your input online.

They are currently soliciting ideas in four areas…

  • Challenges – What obstacles exist to achieving your goals for conservation, recreation, or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • What Works – Please share your thoughts and ideas on effective strategies for conservation, recreation and reconnecting people to the outdoors.
  • Federal Government Role – How can the federal government be a more effective partner in helping to achieve conservation, recreation or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • Tools – What additional tools and resources would help your efforts be even more successful?

CLICK HERE to visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website and to give your thoughts in these four areas.


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Haylie Shipp


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