Grizzly Bear Meeting in Valier Moved Due to High Interest


An email was sent out earlier today from Gary Bertellotti, FWP Regional 4 Supervisor notifying the public that the Grizzly Bear meeting in Valier, MT, was being moved to a larger venue due to the amount of interest the community was showing in attending the meeting.  The location of Tuesday's Meeting in Valier was changed from the Community Center to the Valier School auditorium which can hold more that 100 people


Meeting Details:

Grizzly Bear Discussion

Tuesday May 24, 2016  Night starting at 7:00 PM

There will be an informative bear education session from 5:30 to 7:00 PM before the meeting.  

Location: Valier School Auditorium

Public welcome and encouraged to come

Hosted by FWP, Valier Mayor Bukoveckas, with Livestock Loss, Wildlife Services, USFWS


Topics to be discussed :

 -Delisting process

 -Livestock conflict response

 -Bear education

 -Public concerns – bear in or near towns, residence, unexpected locations, response to calls, etc.

 -Attractants – what they could be and what to do

 -FWP role, Livestock Loss Program, Wildlife Services role

 -Endangered species  what does that mean from aspect of FWP, all public, and all agencies.

 -Many other topics from public and agencies attending


People with question are encouraged to call Gary Bertellotti, FWP Regional 4 Supervisor at 406-454-5846



Photo credits:  Yellowstone National Park





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