Groups put on Grasslands Policy Tour and Workshop


The Northern Great Plains Joint Venture along with the Winnett Agriculture Community Enhancement and Sustainability (ACES) teamed up to provide the Grassland Policy Tour and Workshop across Central Montana. Livestock producers, wildlife enthusiasts, and many others came together to discuss how ranching operation are successfully integrating grassland conservation, soil health, carbon storage, watershed improvements, wildlife conservation and other partnerships into their business models.

Our network’s Leif Bakken had the opportunity to visit with Bill Milton from the Milton Ranch in Musselshell County about his operation’s use of short duration, high intensity grazing.

The tour continued in Petroleum County with visits to four other ranches. These tours allowed attendees to interact with ranchers more intimately discussing how producers manage for healthier land and wildlife and some of the business changes to support the land, ranches, and communities in the area. These initiatives include reseeding grasses on crop land, Sage Grouse Initiative projects, water developments, and working with Fish Wildlife and Parks, U.S. Wildlife Services, and the Bureau of Land Management.


Northern Ag Network

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