Hay lottery drawings conducted for N.D. producers


Hay lottery drawings have been conducted for North Dakota producers affected by drought.

The hay lottery is organized by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture and the NDSU N.D. Agricultural Experiment Station.

More than 1,300 applications were received from North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Each state is conducting its own drawings.

Drawings were held in two age categories: ages 35 and under, and ages 36 and above. The North Dakota producers selected are listed below in alphabetical order:

· Benjamin Anderson
· Ty Blodgett
· Caleen Crider
· Sean Dawson
· Michael Doll
· Drew Gaugler
· Lawrence Gerhardt
· Tanner Johnson
· DelRoy Kettering
· Edward Procive
· Wayne Smith
· Lucas Sprenger

Producers selected in the drawing are responsible for arranging hay transportation from the NDSU site. If additional donations continue to come in, there will be more drawings. The applications of producers who have applied but have not yet been selected will be kept on file if more hay become available.

Source: KFYR-TV

Photo Courtesy: Progressive Forage

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