Haylie Takes on Farm Broadcasting in New “Home”


Our Associate Ag Director, Haylie Shipp, has spent the last four years searching classifieds and scouting our region’s highways to find her dream Airstream.  That search yielded real results a few weeks back when she brought home a 1969 Airstream Land Yacht from Livingston, MT.  

Through the process, she’s found out that she’s not the only one in agriculture with a soft spot for the vintage ambiance of the silver panels.  Bob Hanson, President of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, and his wife Helen actually spent a few of their early years living in an Airstream in Alaska!  Those memories were so fond, they’ve since bought an older model to reminisce. 

Despite offers by Bob Redland to park this Airstream at Redland Red Angus, Haylie says she’s going to keep this one close by at all times! 

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