High Speed Llama Chase Grips Sun City, AZ



The Maricopa County Sheriff's department said that the llamas were being taken by a rancher to an elderly care center to be used as therapy animals. In total, three llamas were being transported. After unloading the llamas from the trailer, they were spooked and two of them bolted.

Despite the narrow turns and close encounters, no llamas or humans were harmed in the incident. Both llamas were lassoed (one by someone in the back of a pick-up truck), so all is well folks.

Perhaps even more of a riot than the farm animals adventure in the big city are the reactions on social media.

Here are some of our favorite comments on Twitter:

2/26/15, 3:26 PM
We here at Modern Farmer are aware of the llama situation in Arizona and applaud the beasts' bravado.

2/26/15, 1:51 PM
Only in Arizona does a llama chase happen #LlamaGate2015

2/26/15, 1:34 PM
The 3 minutes of #LlamaGate2015 that I got to witness were awesome. I hope they plan an escape and go for round 2…

2/26/15, 1:30 PM
Overheard in the newsroom: “Ugh, there's no llama emoji.” #llamagate2015

I'm sensing there could be a full pardon + amnesty coming… Am I right, Barack? #llamadrama

One thing is clear to all of us at Northern Ag Network, some afternoons you just need a good laugh to wake you up!

Click Here to see the chase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnDco2smumY

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