HOT Forecasts for Midwest, Northern Plains


By Bryce Anderson, DTN Ag Meteorologist and DTN Analyst

OMAHA (DTN) –- Short-term Midwest heat, a new tropical storm, drier and hotter in the Northern Plains, scattered southeast U.S. showers, minimal rain in the Southern Plains, more heat and dryness in West Texas, improving Canadian Prairie conditions, beneficial trends in northern China, variable central China conditions, a return to average for India monsoon rainfall, continued rain in western Europe, more heat in southeastern Europe, hot and dry in Ukraine, and favorable conditions in Brazil coffee areas are the main weather items for the commodity trade’s attention Monday.

Short-Term Midwest Heat

The DTN ag weather forecast calls for well-above-normal daytime and night-time temperatures to put extreme stress on corn during the next three to five days, especially on reproductive corn and corn that is shallow-rooted due to heavy spring rains. Some relief from the high temperatures is possible by the coming weekend, but this cold front is not expected to produce much shower activity.

New Tropical Storm

Tropical storm Bret, with 50 mph winds, is about 65 miles northwest of Great Abaco island in the West Indies. The system is moving towards the east at 3 mph. It is expected to track north and then north-northeast through Tuesday. It should turn more towards the northeast Wednesday. This track keeps it off the southeast U.S. coast, and well west of Bermuda during the 72-hour forecast period. It remains as a tropical storm during this period.

Drier and Hotter in Northern Plains

In the Northern Plains, very hot temperatures during the next day or two will put extreme stress on crops in the area but cooler weather is possible after that. The region looks to be somewhat drier and hotter again during the six-to-10-day period.

Scattered Southeast U.S. Showers

Delta and Southeast U.S. crops in the south and east part of this area may benefit from recent scattered shower activity and cooler temperatures. Crops in the central Delta region continued drier during this time. The region looks to be drier and hotter during the week, again increasing stress to crops in the central Delta.

Minimal Rain for Southern Plains

In the Southern Plains, hot and dry weather this week will favor the final harvest effort for winter wheat. Summer crops in the area will come under increasing stress once again as temperatures turn hotter.

More Heat and Dryness in West Texas

West Texas temperatures likely continue above normal with little chance for rain during the next seven days.

Improving Canadian Prairie Conditions

Spring wheat and canola in the Canadian Prairies will mostly benefit from warmer to hotter weather and a continued chance for scattered showers this week.

Beneficial Trends in Northern China

Northern China will see episodes of scattered showers and thundershowers during this week. This is a favorable weather pattern for crops in this area.

Variable Central China Conditions

In central China, crops have likely benefited from early July rainfall in the region. The weather pattern this week is variable. Some will see thundershower activity while others will miss out. Temperatures are hot but not very hot. The pattern bears watching but there is nothing major at this time.

Monsoon at Average for India

In India, heavier rains during the weekend have tended to favor the Ganges Plain of northern India and the west coastal areas of south India. Northeast Pakistan has also seen thunderstorm activity during the weekend. Overall the monsoon looks about average for this date, although it continues to struggle to hold in the northwest areas.

Continued Western Europe Rain

In western Europe, ran and cooler weather this week will maintain favorable conditions for summer crops in England and France, especially for any reproductive corn in France. Wet conditions in Germany and Poland are more unfavorable as there is potential for flooding.

More Southeast Europe Heat

Key corn and sunflower areas of Hungary and southeast Europe have been somewhat hotter recently but there have also been thunderstorms in the region from time to time.

Hot and Dry in Ukraine

In Ukraine and southern Russia, hotter temperatures have developed. The region should continue hot early this week. The hotter weather may shift into the Volga valley later in the week, while temperatures moderate some through the eastern Ukraine. Temperatures should stay hot through North Caucasus Russia during this week. The entire region looks to continue mostly dry this week.

Favorable Brazil Temperatures

Brazil’s coffee areas continue with a mild trend. There is no significant cold weather expected for the region during the next seven to 10 days.


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