How Much Do Farmers Pay to Farm?


On average, 2013 per-farm expenditures totaled $175,270.

The following article is from the NAFB News Service:

USDA announced Friday U.S. farmers spent $367.3 billion on agricultural production in 2013.  In a report by the National Agriculture Statistics Service, the average per farm expenditures totaled $175,270.  That figure is up 2.3 percent from 2012.  Crop farms accounted for the majority of the production expenditures last year.  The average expenditure per crop farm totaled $211,659 compared to $143,521 per livestock farm.  The 2014 Land Value Report was also released Friday and estimated farm real estate values are averaging $2,950 an acre this year.  That’s 8.1 percent higher from last year which includes a 16.3 percent increase in the northern plains region. The highest farm real estate values were in the Corn Belt region at $6,370 per acre.

U.S. pasture value’s increased 11 percent compared with last year to $1,300 per acre.  The highest state level pasture value was estimated at $13,500 per acre in New Jersey.  Regionally, the largest increase in production expenditures was in the Midwest, which already accounted for nearly all farm production expenditures in the United States. In that region, expenditures rose by $3.7 billion from 2012.


Source:  NAFB News Service

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