HSUS CEO Ends Run for Tyson Board of Directors


The following article is from the NAFB News Service:


Tyson Foods has announced Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle has dropped his bid for Tyson’s Board of Directors. Pacelle told Meatingplace Tyson’s dual-class stock structure was a barrier to his election. He says he hoped Tyson would see the value of having someone like him on its board – given the prominence of animal rights issues in today’s society. Tyson has not made a commitment to raising hogs in group housing instead of gestation crates – which is what HSUS is aggressively pushing other companies to do. Tyson Foods Spokesman Worth Sparkman says Tyson supports the right of farmers to choose the best method for raising hogs and also supports the customers’ right to choose the best product specifications for their consumers and businesses. He says Tyson will monitor the supply of hogs born to group-penned sows – and if there’s a sufficient increase over time – Tyson will explore the possibility of using it to meet the needs of customers who want pork from hogs raised in group housing.




Source:  NAFB News Service

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