Hurricane Harvey Devastates Ranchers


Texas farmers and ranchers have lost close to everything as the result of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. Texas Ag. Commissioner Sid Miller says his best estimate at this time for cotton producers alone, is that they will lose $150 Million dollars because of the storm. 

Livestock producers have worked around the clock to move livestock from the storms flood waters. At this time, the cattle that have survived the storm and the flooding have made it to higher ground. But, with salt water mixing with fresh flood water the cattle are left with undrinkable brackish water. Ranchers are looking for multiple resources to water and feed their stranded livestock. Rebuilding what has been lost in the storm will be the next struggle. 

Commissioner Miller is encouraging anyone who feels it in their heart to help their fellow farmers and ranchers out in a time of disaster to visit the Texas Department of Agriculture to make financial donations to their STAR Fund – Helping Texas Farmers and Ranchers Recover from Disaster. 100{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} of the donations go to those impacted by disaster. 

Click Here for more on the STAR Fund.


Many of our fellow Texans are in need of a helping hand. Texas Agriculture Farmers, Rancher, producers and agribusiness owners are rebuilding and working towards picking up the pieces after all of these natural disasters. As natural disasters continue to impact Texas farmers and ranchers, the need for donations continues. 

The Fund 
The STAR Fund (State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund) was created solely with monetary donations from private individuals and companies. STAR Fund money may be used to assist farmers and ranchers in rebuilding fences, restoring operations and paying for other agricultural disaster relief. If you’d like to help folks impacted by the wildfire, floods or tornadoes, consider making a donation to the State of Texas Agriculture Relief, or STAR Fund. 

We are Texans, and when disaster strikes, we rise up to help our neighbors. The STAR Fund is one way to do that. TDA is offering a cost share (50{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} of eligible expense) to qualified agricultural producers not to exceed $4,000 per applicant. Example:  A producer would need to submit documentation for $2,000 of eligible expenses to receive $1,000 in reimbursement. STAR Fund money may be used to assist farmers and ranchers in rebuilding fences, restoring operations and paying for other agricultural disaster relief costs needed to rebuild their producer operations. If the Farmer and Rancher’s county is listed the Texas Governor’s declaration of disaster, they have 60 days from the date of his proclamation to turn in an application. “Every day, we depend on farmers and ranchers to provide our families with the healthy food and warm clothes that sustains our lives, and now is the time for Texas producers to lean on us,” Commissioner Miller said. “This is not a hand out, rather it’s a helping hand. I hope people will take advantage of these funds if you need them.” Funds are not intended to compensate individuals or businesses for losses incurred, but to assist agriculture producers in cost-sharing some of the unexpected expenses associated with the repair or replacement of items necessary for their agricultural operation. See the application for more information.

Texas Agriculture Farmers, Rancher, producers and agribusiness owners will be required to complete an application and present such information as copies of invoices, proof of payment and proof agricultural loss specifically attributed to the specific natural disaster identified by the Texas Governors Disaster Declaration, property identification number, and other records needed by the department to determine eligibility. 

To make a donation click here.

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