Important Ag Seed Law Passes Montana Legislature


HELENA,- Ag organizations in Montana have been actively engaged this spring in the legislative discussion about who should regulate the laws for agricultural seeds. 

On Thursday, March 23, the bill to insure that Agricultural Seed laws will be regulated by the State, finally passed the Legislature and is now headed to the Governor’s desk. 

Agricultural groups like Montana Farm Bureau have written editorials supporting Senate Bill 155 because they feel that it is important that Seed laws, like Fertilizer laws need to be uniform from county-to-county. 

Under the law, farmers will have one centralized location in state government to go for knowledge and expertise on seed regulations.  Opinion Editorials from Montana’s grain industry leaders emphasized that this legislation will protect Montana’s ag producers from having to deal with a patchwork regulations on the local and county level.

Senator Mike Lang of Malta sponsored Senate Bill 155, that passed the House by a vote of 70-30 on Thursday.

Source:  Northern Ag Network 2017

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