Investigation into Bison Deaths in Montana


by  Reuters

Investigators are probing whether anthrax played a role in the mysterious deaths of more than a dozen bison at an American Indian reservation in Montana, the state veterinarian said on Thursday.

Marty Zaluski said the bison, which have died since the start of the July 4 weekend at the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, may have succumbed to anthrax. But he said more testing was needed to confirm what he emphasized was an early suspicion.

Zaluski said results from testing of tissue from one of the Fort Belknap bison will help agricultural, tribal and wildlife officials determine the gravity of the threat posed by the unknown illness.

“One thing we want to rule out would be anthrax,” he said.

The last anthrax outbreak in Montana occurred in 2008, killing 300 bison at a commercial ranch and also infecting several bull elk and a cattle operation's bull, he said.

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Source:  Reuters



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