Is “Blue-Green Algae” in the Future for Wyoming Crops?


Is “blue-green algae” in the future for Wyoming crops?  

Using cyanobacteria as a bio-fertilizer for commercial vegetable production is the subject of a free mini field day at Shoshone River Farm in Cody, Tuesday Aug. 9.

The talk, sponsored by University of Wyoming Extension, takes place 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Shoshone River Farm, 5002 Powell Highway. 

 “The university and Shoshone River Farm have partnered to explore the potential of cyanobacteria as a sustainable and biological source for nitrogen fertilizer,” said Jeremiah Vardiman, UW Extension agriculture and horticulture educator.  

It is sometimes referred to as blue-green algae (cyan, from the Greek word blue), though it is a bacteria. For this project cyanobacteria was produced in a batch process that started in a 10- or 15-gallon fish aquarium. 

An optional tour of the organic production system at Shoshone River Farm follows the one-hour presentation.  

For more information, contact  Jeremiah Vardiman at 754-8836 or  



Source:  University of Wyoming Extension



photo credits: wikipedia

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