Is this really wolf management, or wolf extermination?


The following is commentary from Wolfwatcher, a website that has been developed to “watch and protect wolves in the wild amid all the controversial obstacles that they encounter, such as the aerial killings in Alaska and the depredation issues in the Northern Rockies and Yellowstone, and to serve as another engine in the protection of wolves and other wildlife through education and action.  The second reason is to provide another site where Wolf Watchers can share their passion for wolves in the wild, as well as share their experiences and photos.”

It is no big secret that FWP in Montana, as most other states in the northern Rockies, are hoping to at least double the wolf quota in the upcoming planned wolf hunting season.  This is just the beginning, sad to say, and I certainly hope that Judge Molloy considers several factors when making his decision on June 15th.


As you can see from the two stories posted above, wolf mortality occurs all the time. Currently Montana FWP have just killed fifteen wolves in five packs and have targeted at least another eighteen wolves. If taken from the same pack, any significant loss could result in the decimation of that particular pack.  There are other factors that must be taken into account that are attributed to wolf mortality such as hunters, disease, and vehicle fatalities (I am certain that all wolf deaths logged as vehicle accidents may really not be caused by vehicles at all.). Read some of the local posts and comments from those that are obviously hunters and some that are simply wolf haters. There is no doubt that the three S’s come into play as well (Shoot, shovel, and shut up).

My point is this…Double or triple the wolf hunt quota?  Really?  Is this really wolf management, or wolf extermination?  It is no secret that the Governors of the following states would like to see the wolves eliminated: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming.  With the mortality totals from other causes already so high, why aren’t these totals considered, and the fact that disease and additional “management” kills included in the wolf hunting quotas at the outset?  Given that, the wolf hunting season quotas should be cut in half, not doubled or tripled as proposed.

Again, I urge everyone to read the  proposal by Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston posted here on Wolfwatcher, and also on their site at to better protect the wolves in Yellowstone National Park. But while you take action through this proposal , also voice your opinions on the upcoming wolf hunting season and let the Governor and commissioners hear your voices loud and clear!

Wolves are a great resource for so many reasons, and to save this resource we all have to take action and fight for them.  Mark your calendar for June 15, and return here as we will be posting up to the minute information about the Court’s decision concerning delisting issues and future wolf hunts.


Understand, love, protect


Dave Hornoff

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