ITC International Opens Pulse Crop Receiving Facility in Glendive, MT




Glendive, Mont. – ITC International Inc. (ITC), an international trading company, has opened Montana’s newest pulse crop receiving facility in Glendive. In collaboration with MidRivers Economic Development, the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) has helped ITC connect with the Glendive community, area producers, MSU Extension, BNSF, and other area business to help this project come to fruition. The new facility adds to the number of great companies already operating in Montana and gives producers more options in bringing their crops to the market.


“As Montana pulse crop acreage increases each year, this is a facility that will continue to grow while creating opportunities for the eastern Montana producers and the Glendive community,” said Treston Vermandel, Eastern Montana Business Development Specialist with MDA.


In 2011, Montana took the lead in U.S. pulse crop acreage and now leads the nation for dry pea and lentil production. More Montana producers are including peas, lentils, and chickpeas in their rotations as the number of elevators and processing plants increases throughout the state. Pulses are a versatile crop that Montana farmers can grow to promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and generate income from local and global markets.


ITC International Inc. has been involved in international trade for over 20 years. They are a Canadian based company that supplies products to over 20 countries worldwide. John Piracha, president of ITC, has been in Glendive all summer and sees great opportunity in Montana, saying “We strive for long term relationships with our suppliers and customers and we look forward to building relationships and creating opportunities for everyone that is involved with this project.”


Source:  The Montana Department of Agriculture

Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS

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