It’s Fire Season!


Click HERE to see a map of all the fires across the nation. Be sure to zoom in and out on the fire you’re interested in.

It doesn’t seem like we caught much of a break this year. From extreme flooding, to grasshoppers, now fires. From North Western Montana to Eastern Wyoming, thousands of acres are either being burned or have been burned by at least 13 fires.

In fact, on Monday lightning started a fire just north of Laurel MT which has now grown to over 2000 acres. The fire started south of the intersection of Canyon Creek Road and Buffalo Trail and is currently being fought by about 50 crews with more than a 100 firefighters. Also assisting in the fire is a helicopter from Billings Flying Service which is on contract with Exxon for the oil spill clean up.

The Department of Natural resources and conservation is also bringing in a Type 2 Incident Command Team to assist with the fire later this afternoon.

John Walton did go see the fire near Laurel and did take some pictures. Sadly the pictures were taken from a far distance.

Posted by John Walton


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