Jim Richardson: Capturing the Soul of Agriculture


Lane Nordlund brings this special report with National Geographic Photographer Jim Richardson, who spoke at the 70th National Association of Conservation Districts Annual meeting and described the images he has captured of agriculture from around the world.  

Richardson holds a very high regard for the farmers and the conservation practices he seen and captured on film from across the globe.  “Few of us get a chance to see the whole system broadly. What I think I see or what I was most fascinated with, is that wherever I went, it was never a simple story.  What you really find out is that, in all those agriculture systems, all those farmers, they are all pretty smart folks.  They are all operating a very complicated system within tight constraints and they are actually doing very well in the conditions they have.  

Jim Richardson not only captures images of farmers and ranchers from around the world, he's also seen and photographed conservation at work.  One of his favorite images is a product of conservation practices put into place 80 years ago in Wisconsin.




To see more of Jim Richarson's work from around the world, be sure to check out his website:  http://www.jimrichardsonphotography.com/



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