Lamb Checkoff Comments Posted


More than 100 comments were filed over the last 60 days by lamb producers, feeders and processing companies in response to a proposed change to the assessment rate for the American lamb checkoff.

A vast majority of the comments were supportive of the increase in the rate, the first since the board was instituted 10 years ago as an industry-wide board for lamb businesses. The promotion program has completed two nationwide referendums since 2002 and, similar to the ratio of positive comments on this proposal, those votes were also supported by a super majority of participants.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will consider the comments and provide a formal response, which is anticipated this fall or early winter.

“The lamb program is the sole livestock checkoff in the United States, and likely worldwide, that assesses producers, feeders, exporters and packing companies to share the financial and budgeting responsibilities of the activities of the American Lamb Board,” stated Peter Orwick, executive director of the American Sheep Industry Association.

Source: ASI

Posted by Russell Nemetz

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