Lamb Industry Roadmap Committees Announced


There are five committees that have been established to drive the implementation of the lamb industry Roadmap.  Implementation will be directed by on overall Roadmap Implementation team as well as one team for each of the four goals of the Roadmap.  

The five committees are:

1. Roadmap Implementation  

2. Product Characteristics

3. Demand Creation

4. Productivity Improvement

5. Industry Communications


The Roadmap Committees will:  

Collaborate with and avoid duplication with current activities of the national and state organizations that represent the American sheep industry. Seek creative ideas and input beyond their committee members and beyond the sheep industry itself.        


The Industry Advisory Group of the Roadmap project has approved the members of the Implementation and Industry Communications Committees as well as the Chairs of the Product Characteristics, Demand Creation and Productivity Improvement Committees.  Bob Ludwig from The Hale Group has been hired to chair the Implementation Committee in 2014.   The Product Characteristics, Demand Creation and Productivity Improvement Committee chairs appoint their own committee members.

The Industry Advisory Committee received more than 140 names suggested for approximately 50 committee seats. Obviously, they were unable to put everyone on a committee that would be qualified to serve.  However, many of the teams will delegate specific research topics to groups of industry participants who do not serve on the committees.  Therefore they hope many more people will get to serve in an ad hoc capacity on a specific topic on an “as needed” basis. 

The Implementation Team will oversee and guide:  

Issues specifically cited as Roadmap actions; Issues that may emerge during implementation of the actions cited in the Roadmap; The activities of the other Teams       

Roadmap Implementation Team

Bob Ludwig, Chair for Year 1 only

Wes Patton, American Lamb Board, CA

Cody Heimke, American Lamb Board, WI

Clint Krebs, American Sheep Industry Assn.,OR

Burdell Johnson, American Sheep Industry Assn.,ND

Clark Willis, Nat. Sheep Industry Improv. Center.,UT

Milt Ward, National Lamb Feeders Assn.,ID

Reid Redden, National Sheep Improvement Program,ND

Rick Stott, CEO, Superior Farms, CA

Dennis Stiffler, CEO, Mountain States Rosen, NY

Paul Russell, State Sheep Associations, IN

Greg Deakin, Breed Associations, IL

Richard Hamilton, Producer, CA

The Industry Communication Team will address:

New and emerging issues arising within the industry;

Issues the industry is currently grappling with that are not in the Roadmap but affect several sectors or organizations;

Resolution of potential conflicts among the various organizations representing the sheep industry;

Improvement in the collaboration among and between the various segments of the industry;

Identification of issues that should be referred to and addressed by the Roadmap in subsequent years.

Potential mechanisms the industry might consider to make improvements in the long-term collaboration in the American lamb industry.       


Industry Communications Team: 

Frank Moore, Chairman, Mountain States Rosen,WY

Dan Lippert, Chairman, ALB, MN

Ben Lehfeldt, Vice-Chairman, ALB, MT

Burton Pfliger, Vice-President, ASI, ND

Peter Orwick, Executive Director, ASI, CO

Megan Wortman, Executive Director, ALB, CO

Steve Schreier, Chair, National Lamb Feeders, MN

Greg Ahart, Vice President, Superior Farms, CA

Kevin Quam, Head of US Lamb Division, JBS, CO

The Productivity Improvement Team will oversee and guide the Roadmap initiatives related to achieving a significant increase in industry productivity.  The Productivity Improvement Team Chairs is:

Susan Shultz, Chair, Research Council, ASI, OH

The Product Characteristics Team will oversee and guide the Roadmap initiatives related to improving the quality and consistency of American Lamb.  The Team will be Chaired by:

Dr. Henry Zerby,  Meat Science Dept., Ohio State, OH

Dr. Daryl Tatum, Meat Science Dept., Colorado State, CO

The Demand Creation Team will oversee and guide the Roadmap initiatives related to increasing demand for American Lamb through traditional and non-traditional marketing channels.  The Team will be Chaired by:

Nick Forrest, Producer, Past ALB Chair, OH

Source: American Lamb Board

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