Manitoba Welcomes End to S. Korea’s Beef Ban


The following is from the Winnipeg Free Press:

by Bruce Owen

Manitoba’s beef producers are rejoicing with the news South Korea will allow them to import their meat.

And Manitoba’s Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn said Friday the move could lead to more beef processing capacity in the province.

“It’s been a long-awaited announcement,” Kostyshyn, a rancher, said. “From here on in I think it’s going to be ready to run and let’s move some beef to South Korea.”

The Korean government has said it will immediately end its eight-year-old ban on imports of Canadian beef, from animals younger than 30 months, which has been suspended since 2003 after an outbreak of mad cow disease in Canada. South Korea is the last major beef-importing country to agree to lower its restrictions on Canadian beef since the outbreak.

South Korea was the fourth-largest buyer of Canadian beef before the ban, Kostyshyn said.

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association also welcomed the announcement.

The agreement was reached outside of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute launched by Canada in 2009.

“The return of safe, high-quality Canadian beef to South Korea after nearly a decade is a significant achievement and one that’s been a long time coming,” CCA President Travis Toews said in a statement.

Canadian beef exports are estimated to be $30 million to Korea by 2015.

In Manitoba, beef cattle production represents about nine per cent of the province’s cash receipts. Manitoba has the third largest beef heard in Canada at about 558,000 cows, the province says.

Manitoba Beef Producers general manager Cam Dahl said the re-open market in South Korea is a sign the Canadian beef market has turned a corner.

“This is not only a win for producers, but also for science-based agricultural trade,” Dahl said in a statement. “It is very important that export requirements are based on sound science. This is perhaps one of the most important lessons we have learned from BSE restrictions.”

Manitoba Beef Producers represents 8,000 beef producers across the province.

Source:  Winnipeg Free Press

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