May 18-19 BOL Meeting Viewable on LIVE Stream


The upcoming Board of Livestock meeting scheduled for May 18-19 is expected to show even further improvements since the last Board Meeting held in April.


The recent budget adjustments appear to be working, as the Department last month lifted the temporary employee furloughs, and now expects that it will achieve their budget targets by June 30, and will meet their deferred revenue requirements.  


A special Long-Range Planning Committee comprised of industry leaders from various ag organizations has met to review certain aspects of the DOL and provide recommendations for moving forward. 


The upcoming May 18-19 Board of Livestock meeting will be held in Room 472 of the State Capitol, and will also be available for viewing live on the Internet starting at 1:00PM on Monday afternoon.  To view the Agenda, and to watch the live stream on the Internet just go to www.NorthernAg.NET  and click on the link that is provided there.

CLICK HERE to see the meeting agenda

CLICK HERE to read Taylor Brown's notes from the BOL first day's meeting

CLICK HERE to watch the BOL Meeting on Tuesday from 8 AM to 5 PM




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