Meat Processors Receive Infrastructure Grants


MONTANA – Governor Steve Bullock and the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) today announced that over $7.5 million in grant funding has been awarded through the Montana Meat Processing Infrastructure Grant (MMPIG) programs. The grants are designed to aid small and medium-sized meat processors in responding to the COVID-19 crisis through the adaptation and advancement of meat processing infrastructure and capacity in Montana.

“The impacts of COVID-19 have highlighted how fragile the nation’s supply chain can be, especially when it comes to meat processing,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “It’s crucial that our producers have viable options for getting their meat to market. Investing in meat processing infrastructure will help our Montana producers, strengthen local food systems, and bolster food security for Montanans in communities across the state from Plains to Circle.”

The grant program received incredible interest which reflects the necessity for increased in-state meat processing capacity. Strengthening infrastructure and capacity will increase market options for Montana’s cattle, hog and poultry producers and protect consumers from supply chain disruption. Businesses received funding for equipment and infrastructure, such as additional cooler or freezer space, slaughter floor enhancements, and other business adaptation and diversification activities that will increase processing and/or storage capacity related to local meat processing.

Funding for the MMPIG was derived from the state’s allocation of federal relief dollars made available through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, with a maximum award of $150,000. Over 60 businesses received funding. The Montana Department of Agriculture and Department of Livestock worked in conjunction to ensure projects adhered to meat processing rules and regulations. A list of recipients is can be found here.


Office of Montana Governor Steve Bullock

Montana Department of Agriculture


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Rick Porter

I wonder where all this money comes from in and election year? Last year at this time of the year Bullock could have cared less where his steak came from.

Steve Lanier

There was no Coronavirus last year. No slaughterhouses were shutting down because of workers getting sick. Think before you post.

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