Meet Wyoming Woolgrowers’ New Executive Director Alison Crane

by Andy Schwab

Wyoming Woolgrowers Association (WWGA) recently selected a new executive director, following the announcement from Amy Hendrickson that she will be stepping down from the role after nine years. WWGA combed through a list of qualified candidates over a several week period, ultimately selecting Alison Crane to lead the organization.

Crane currently serves as an assistant professor and sheep and meat goat extension specialist at Kansas State University. She has a Ph.D. in animal science, has conducted specialized research in small ruminant nutrition and reproduction, and is a certified wool classifier.

Northern Ag Network’s Andy Schwab had the chance to visit with Crane over a video call last week to let producers get to know her.

For some, they may already know the name. Crane completed her graduate studies for both her master’s and PhD at NDSU’s Hettinger Research and Extension Center. She has also had the opportunity to work with several other industry leaders through her time at NDSU.

One of those leaders is Whitt Stewart with the University of Wyoming. Crane said they already have some plans in the works with what they want to do to promote the sheep industry, not only in the Cowboy State, but also across state lines, with other organizations.

Crane said she also looks forward to helping UW and the youth of Wyoming become more familiar with wool judging programs and flock education programs, “Because that is where the future is, and really giving proper education and those first experiences with sheep and with wool are vital to the future of our industry.”

Northern Ag Network’s Andy Schwab also brought Crane’s personal life into the conversation. When asked what a weekend away from the office may look like, Crane said she enjoys life in the mountains on a backcountry hiking and fishing adventure, or riding horses to better her competitive roping skills that she started doing with her dad some years ago.

Wrapping up the video conversation, Crane mentioned how she wants to hear from Wyoming’s wool producers. “I am looking for feedback,” said Crane. She added, “I’ll take any type of information that producers want to share with me as far as improvements, criticisms, or positive feedback.”

Crane will assume the role of WWGA Executive Director in July.


Northern Ag Network – 2022

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