Miles City Livestock: The Show Must Go On


“The Show Must Go On” or in this case “The Sale”



(Billings, Mont.) Since the news first broke June 13th  about the fire at Miles City Livestock Commission, there have been a lot  of questions that all seem to revolve around one general question- “what happens now”?

 To help answer some of those questions, the Northern Ag Network’s Taylor Brown interviewed Miles City Livestock Auctioneer Randy Searer who says MCLC will be back in business and ready to sell cattle on Tuesday.  


Sale time for Miles City Livestock Commission is 9 AM Tuesday, June 23rd. They’re expecting over 1000 head.  


The Northern Ag Network’s Lane Nordlund will be on hand to bring us more sights and sounds from Miles City Livestock’s first sale following the devastating June 13th fire.   


CLICK HERE for our original report on the MCLC fire


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