Montana Beef Directory Connects Local Producers and Consumers

by Colter Brown

The Montana Beef Directory, a resource compiling all producers selling beef directly to consumers, has been made available by the Montana Beef Council.

Producers selling beef directly will have the opportunity to submit their ranch name and information into the system.  Once in the system, the information will automatically populate on an interactive map.  Consumers will be able to access this resource and find beef that is nearby.

“Montana Beef Council receives requests from consumers and foodservice operators looking for beef and this directory will provide a simple website with a comprehensive list of beef offerings across Montana,” said Chaley Harney, Montana Beef Council executive director.

“Our regular interaction with consumers will help us promote this resource on behalf of Montana producers and ultimately get more beef on more plates,” said Harney.

Producers are encouraged to visit the website and insert their information as soon as possible to begin populating the directory for consumers to see all the options in their area. Montana producers can submit a directory form using the following link:

The Beef Checkoff builds demand for beef. Additionally, producers can contact Montana Beef Council for recipes, brochures, beef cut imagery, advertisements, and fact sheets to include with beef orders.

“In a world where connections are being made constantly with a click of a button, it is only fitting that such a resource as the Montana Beef Directory is being put together,” said Montana Beef Council Intern Anna Slivka. “I can’t wait to be able to access and share local beef options wherever I am in the state.”

Check out more information about the Montana Beef Council throughout the year on Facebook and Instagram, or by going to



Montana Beef Council

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Looking for this this. Please provide a link asap.
Thank You
Elisa W.
Mineral County, MT

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