Montana Equine Herpes Quarantine Lifted


The following is a press release from the Montana Department of Livestock:

The Montana Department of Livestock today released from quarantine a 15-year-old gelding in Gallatin County that tested positive for Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) two weeks ago.

“We’re pleased to report that the horse has been released from quarantine, and that Montana should be in the clear in regard to equine herpes virus,” said Dr. Tahnee Szymanski, MDOL staff veterinarian. “The premises that was under quarantine is now no different than any other facility with regard to risk.”

MDOL on June 11 reported that a clinically healthy horse in Gallatin County tested positive for EHV-1. The horse had attended the National Cutting Horse Association Western National Championships in Ogden Utah, April 30-May 8, where horses from around the western United States were exposed to the disease. A total of 90 confirmed EHV-1 or EHM cases and 13 horse fatalities were reported in 10 western states.

Szymanski commended owners of the Gallatin County horse and facility for their proactive approach to handling the situation.

“The owners did everything right,” she said. “They isolated the horse after returning from the event in Ogden, and did everything they could do to reduce the risk of transmission and exposure. They really went above and beyond what they needed to do.”

All travel restrictions on horses coming into the state have now been dropped, Szymanski said. The state had been requiring a statement on CVI’s (certificate of veterinary inspection) to the effect that incoming horses had not been exposed to any horses exposed to the disease.

“We’re back to business as normal in regard to travel and events,” she said.

Source:  Montana Department of Livestock

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