“Most Impressive” Cattle Market in History


According to a recent article from Drovers Cattle Network (READ IT HERE), packers were “hot after cattle” in the days before Thankgiving.  As you can find on our Livestock Markets page, the cash market was $1 to $4 higher last week.

They refer to the November rally as being one of historic proportions and quote USDA Market News Reporter Corbitt Wall as saying that “This has by-far been the most impressive market performance in the history of the beef cattle industry and it has happened right in the face of turkey/ham day and the seasonal lull in retail beef featuring and purchasing.”

Wall continued to say that even “pee-wee calves continue to light up the salebarn scoreboards.”  His token example of this was 150 head of steer calves selling in Riverton, Wyoming.  At an average price of 344 pounds, the steers brought $206.36 per hundred.  To see what else has happened recently at our local sale barns, visit our Local Auction Markets page.

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Haylie Shipp



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