Mother’s Day Was Just as Important in 1923


A mother's love is something spectacular whether it be your own mother or a mare with her new foal. A mother's love is visible in an instant. 

Throughout Montana's history, ranch mothers have played a large role in almost any operation. They cook, clean, mend clothes and even help with the cows, all while helping to raise the children. A mother's love is undying. When her children are grown the love and support for her children simply continues to grow. 

Mothers devote their time preparing their children to become successful adults. Every positive moment in a child's life causes their mom to beam with pride. Most mothers are so selfless that when asked what they want for Mother's Day respond, simply with “a day spent with my family.”

This photograph was taken in 1923 by frontier photographer Evelyn Cameron on her ranch in eastern Montana. Cameron noted in her diary that the morning started off with “a marsh hawk frightening the chickens.” Lydia Brost is seated in the chair with her family lined up around her. It took two cars to get the entire Brost family and their mother to the Cameron Ranch for the family photo! 

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