MRCDC Hires MT Native as New Coordinator


The Missouri River Conservation Districts Council, a collaboration of the 15 Conservation Districts along the Missouri River in Montana, has hired Laurie Riley as their new Coordinator.  Laurie comes to Great Falls from Corvallis, MT where she served as Executive Director for the Bitter Root Water Forum.  Prior to joining the Water Forum in 2007, she was a restoration and business development specialist with an ecological restoration company that specialized in restoration projects across the west.  Laurie’s degree in wildlife biology from the University of MT coupled with her professional experience in grant writing, basin planning, and community involvement will enable the Council to further their goal of ensuring the sustainability of the Missouri River through grassroots collaboration, education, incentives, and voluntary efforts.

Laurie attended the Council’s planning session on June 6th in Jordan, MT where the Council prioritized involvement with cottonwood regeneration efforts at the top of their work plan.  Other priority items the Council will remain involved with include the Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, support for a newly formed stakeholder group specific to the Refuge, involvement with several large studies and planning efforts by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the Corps’ Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee.

Laurie replaces Vicki Marquis who served as the Council Coordinator for 5 years.  For more information, contact the Council’s office by telephone at (406) 454-0056 or by e-mail at

 Source: Missouri River Conservation District Council

Posted by Kaci Switzer

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