MSGA Reacts to IBMP Meeting with Video


Not all that long ago, a plan to allow Yellowstone National Park Bison to roam more freely into southern Montana became extremely publicized.  This Thursday, the Montana Stockgrowers Association was one of many attending an open house held by the partner agencies of the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) to discuss the Gardiner Basin Adaptive Management adjustments that would allow more movement into the Gardiner Basin. According to the MSGA, the agreement was finalized by the partners that day with no input from the people who would be affected.

CLICK HERE to read a memo regarding the changes.

This video was produced by the MSGA:

We spoke with Christian Mackay, Executive Officer of the Montana Department of Livestock about the plan a short while back.  He told us that this agreement will make, for the first time, an actual physical barrier for bison and added that expanding the bison’s range won’t add to Montana’s brucellosis risk.  For more on what he had to say, read “Bison to Move Farther North into Montana.”

Find a larger version of this map here.  The red outline represents the proposed adjustment to the bison management area

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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