MT Farmers Union Hosts Congressional Debate


The Montana Farmers Union hosted a Congressional Candidates Debate on October 15, 2010 from their 95th Annual Meeting and Convention in Great Falls.

Participating in the debate included Democrat challenger Dennis McDonald, a rancher from Melville, Montana; Mike Fellows, a Libertarian from Missoula and Republican incumbent Denny Rehberg.

Issues covered in the debate included the proposed rule changes to GIPSA to address livestock competition; crop insurance in the new Farm Bill; estate tax reform; EPA regulations on Agriculture; wolves; bio-fuels and captive shipping.

The Northern Broadcasting System fed the debate live to Montana radio stations and also made the audio available via www.NorthernAg.NET.

Gary Moseman, the managing editor of the Great Falls Tribune served as the moderator.

Listen to the candidates discuss these issues:

Posted by Russell Nemetz-Northern Ag Network

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