MT Farmers, WY Wool Grower See Devastation


Warm temperatures definitely drilled in one reality for the folks that got it over the weekend.  That is that we are going to have a lot of water to contend with this spring.  And while we chat about our challenges with that, folks are dealing with devastation in Japan, Hawaii and on our own west coast.  Video of the impact on the news may make it seem like it is worlds away, but at least three local folks were travelling abroad when the impact hit. 

Bryce Reese with the Wyoming Woolgrowers Association was with his family vacationing in Hawaii when the tsunami warning came out.

Bryce spoke with us from Hawaii on Friday. 

Leonard Schock and Luther Talbert were representing the industry in Tokyo, Japan during a Montana Wheat and Barley Committee Trade Mission on Friday.  Like others, Leonard told us that they were doing fine but glad to get back home. 


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