MT Pulse Crop Committee Unveils New Website

by Colter Brown

The Montana Pulse Crop Committee has rolled out their very first website. The site was designed to serve as a resource for growers, pulse crop buyers and the public.

Liz Edmundson, who was hired as the first Executive Director of the Montana Pulse Crop Committee earlier this year, says its been a busy summer for the committee and hopes the website can help promote Montana pulses on a bigger stage.

“When I began as the first ever executive director for the Montana Pulse Crop Committee,” Edmundson says, “I could not have imagined I would have went to so many meetings, traveled all around the state(and out of state), toured multiple processing facilities, trudged through farm fields, interviewed with the news station, wrote articles, designed a trade show booth, met with international buyers, have coffee with Senator Daines staff, learned what a pea tendril is and watched how to make chickpea puffs, all in a blur of five short months.”

However, I quickly realized that the Montana Ag industry is robust, dynamic, and ever changing. It is my goal to work with our producers and industry partners to add value and understanding to the Montana pulse industry. As a proven leader in production, quality and innovation, the Montana Pulse Industry has and will continue to gain momentum and forge new paths. I am thrilled to be part of this adventure and look forward sharing it with you. 

On behalf of the Montana Pulse Crop Committee and myself, I would like to introduce you to Montana Pulse Crops and our very first website! This will be a place for industry highlights, contacts, and related information, as we work hard to be a positive representation of the Montana Pules Industry and Montana Agriculture.”

Check out the new website for yourself at



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