MT Stockman: Tougher than Hammered Owl Manure


For nine years, Stephanie Alton, has followed her heart and her dream while filming a documentary on the lives of three Montana ranching families through the seasons.  She has gained a deep respect for these hard-working people.  These ranchers have a love of the land and the livestock they raise, in an ever-changing market, through the volatility of weather and economics. The film lets viewers to share in the knowledge and experience of these ranchers, and also the warmth and down-to-earth personalities of those she has been privileged to work with during the filming.  She is now in the final stages of production and is in need of help in funding these last stages.  She believes deeply that she owes it to these ranchers to get their story and this film out there, where both a local and far-reaching audience can see it.

Stephanie’s film, “Montana Stockman:  Tougher Than Hammered Owl Manure,” has been accepted by the internet website as a project that will give her exposure to a body of people willing to help others with creative projects that need funding.  You can check her film site out by going to and typing in “The Montana Stockman” or you can get there by  There are just so many days allotted to reach her goal, and if not met in that period of time, she will receive nothing.  Please help her get the word out there, so that she is able to bring this film to its audience.

Stephanie is an artist, photographer, filmmaker; she received her BFA in Photography at Pacific Lutheran University, her MFA in Photography from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and further education in film study at New York University.  Her work has been shown at numerous film festivals and venues.

Source: Stephanie Alton

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