MT Wheat Still Very Dormant, WY Barley Behind


It is now the time of year that we will start to get weekly crop progress and condition reports from the National Ag Statistics Service offices.  Even though we are getting our own set of data from states in our region, the nation’s attention is still on less than satisfactory conditions in the largest winter wheat state.  Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service reported Monday that 37 percent of the crop was still in poor to very poor condition, with about 36 percent in fair condition

In Montana, 33{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} of the winter wheat is rated fair with 64{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} good-to-excellent.  92{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} of the winter wheat is still dormant compared with 65{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} at this time last year.  (See MT Report)

South Dakota’s winter wheat is 28{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} fair, 67{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} good-to-excellent and they report that, like many places, flooding due to spring thawing may delay the planting season this year.  (See SD Report)

Spring flood potential is for certain on the mind of North Dakota producers.  The statewide starting date for fieldwork is expected to be April 26th, 8 day s behind last year’s start date. (See ND Report)

And, in Wyoming, 4{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} of the barley has been planted compared with the 24{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} that was in the ground last year at this time.  The winter wheat is rated 57{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} good-to-excellent.  (See WY Report)


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