National SRM Meeting Underway in Billings


The Society for Range Management is having its 64th Annual Meeting this week in Billings, Montana.

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee is made up of members from both the Northern Great Plains and International Mountain Section of SRM with members from Canada, Montana, and North Dakota.

This year registration exceeds 1,500 with attendees in Billings from as far away as Mongolia.

The 2011 SRM Annual Meeting is offering a vast educational and social opportunity to increase your knowledge and provide an environment to energize all attendees on the importance of rangeland ecology.

Todd Yeager is the 2011 Meeting Committee Co-Chair and talked about this year’s Annual Meeting with Russell Nemetz in a recent television interview.

The Society for Range Managment’s 2011 Annual Meeting runs thru February 11, 2011. For additional details, visit

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Haylie Shipp


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