ND Bill Aims to Reduce Farm Truck Accidents


The following article is from inforum.com.

A car accident that killed a Wahpeton college student has spurred state legislation.

House Bill 1349 would require more scrutiny of the driving records of farm truck drivers.

Any adult with a driver’s license can now haul agricultural products within 150 miles of the farm.

The bill proposes these drivers fill out a form created by the state Department of Transportation to reveal past violations or pending actions that may result in the loss of driving privileges.

The employer would need to obtain the driving record abstracts of these drivers from the DOT and verify the information provided by drivers is correct, said Rep. John Wall, R-Wahpeton, the prime bill sponsor.

The proposed law would penalize drivers who don’t tell the truth and employers who knowingly hire someone unqualified.

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Source:  inforum.com

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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