ND Eases Import Restrictions for MT and MN


Recently North Dakota eased testing requirements for most cattle entering the state from Montana and Minnesota. The state Board of Animal Health decision means that beef cattle from most areas of Minnesota will no longer need to be tested for bovine tuberculosis prior to being brought into ND.  The board also voted to recognize Montana’s designated surveillance area for brucellosis. 

Susan Keller, ND State Veterinarian, gave us a little more insight on the details of the decision last week.

Producers in the Montana surveillance areas are involved in high interaction between wildlife and livestock, and as Dr. Keller said, should be commended for stepping up to the plate in an effort to communicate closely with the state animal health officials and doing everything they can to minimize the interaction with wildlife.

Susan suggested checking www.agdepartment.com prior to moving livestock.


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Kaci Switzer & Haylie Shipp


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