NDSU Helping Livestock Producers Tell Their Story


The North Dakota State University Extension Service is hosting a training program to help livestock producers tell their story.

“In today’s world, consumers have many questions about food production,” says Miranda Meehan, NDSU Extension’s livestock environmental stewardship specialist. “This program – Public Perceptions and Today’s Livestock Industry: Sharing Your Story to Bridge the Knowledge Gap – will equip producers with the basic skills needed to communicate with the general public about food production and, specifically, livestock production. If you want to be a leader in helping the livestock industry do a better job of telling its story, you should attend this program.”

This event is open to everyone in the agriculture community. The program is being offered at four locations across the state from 6 to 9 p.m. local time:

Oct. 3 – NDSU Langdon Research Extension Center
Oct. 4 – NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center
Oct. 5 – NDSU Hettinger Research Extension Center
Oct. 6 – NDSU North Central Research Extension Center, Minot

The NDSU Livestock and Environmental Stewardship Program, led by Meehan and Gerald Stokka, Extension veterinarian/livestock stewardship specialist, organized the training.

The goals of the training sessions are to:

-Share why having members of the agriculture community capable of educating consumers is important for the livestock industry

-Equip stakeholders from North Dakota’s livestock industry with the technical expertise and conventional and social media skills to communicate effectively with a broad variety of citizens across the state, region and nation

-Empower producers to share their stories and the facts about livestock production in North Dakota

Visit http://tinyurl.com/PerceptionTraining to register.

For more information, contact Meehan at 701-231-7683 or miranda.meehan@ndsu.edu.


Source:  NDSU Agriculture Communication

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