Nearly 600,000 CRP Acres Awarded in Region


A few weeks Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the USDA had accepted 4.3 million acres offered by landowners under the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) general sign-up.

He said that interest in this sign-up period was high and that they couldn’t accept every offer and remain under the 32 million acre statutory cap.

So how did landowners in our region fare?

In Wyoming, 343 offers were accepted, enrolling over 96,000 acres.  That 343 represented 92.5{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of the total offers and the rent will average out to $26.24/acre.

70.7{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of Montana’s offers were accepted.  The 1,175 that were will bring in over 224,000 CRP acres at an average rent of $27.72/acre.

North Dakota had 1,398 offers accepted which enrolled nearly 152,000 acres.  80{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of the offers were accepted and the rent average will be $33.36/acre.

And with an average rent of $50.30/acre, South Dakota knocked the other states in our region out of the ball park.  1,324 offers were accepted, representing nearly 125,000 acres.  That was an acceptance rate of 86.1{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4}.

CLICK HERE for the full report.

The state Farm Service Agency offices are now in the process of sending out and getting contracts approved.  Once that process is over, they will have a better idea of the breakdown by county.


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Haylie Shipp



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