New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor


New Holland has just given us the first sneak peek at their new NH2 hydrogen fuel cell powered farm tractor.


The tractor is based on New Holland’s T6000 model with a few “minor” upgrades. The tractor is virtually silent when operating which is a huge benefit to the operator. The zero-emissions tractor gets its power from a fuel cell that sends electrons to a 106-horsepower electric motor powering all four wheels. Although this tractor is being touted as the first hydrogen fuel

In October 1959, this Allis-Chalmers tractor  successfully plowed a field of alfalfa in West Allis, WI. Its 20-horsepower motor run

not by a standard battery but by what was then the largest operational fuel-cell unit in the world. With that being said, New Holland’s tractor is much larger and more powerful and will come with all of the creature comforts that farmers have come to expect. The tractor was recently seen at a media event in Italy where reporters were told that the NH2 tractor is expected to be in full production but 2013. In the mean time we will have to satisfied by displays at upcoming agricultural trade shows like SIMA. Hopefully other companies will join New Holland in pushing forward the concept of hydrogen powered farm equipment.


One such group in the U.S. that is pioneering the way is the students of North Dakota State University. They have successfully converted a Caterpillar Challenger into a diesel-hydrogen hybrid.

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