New Jersey Police Arrest Disorderly Goat


by Dan Nosowitz, Modern Farmer

Note from the New Jersey police: neither man nor goat is allowed to ram his or her head against a door in the Garden State!

“The Paramus Police Department responded to calls of a disorderly goat headbutting a door,” reads an update on the Paramus, New Jersey, Police Department Facebook page. It is accompanied by a picture of said goat, which turns out to be small, white and adorable.

On Saturday evening, a concerned Paramus citizen called the police to report a goat-related bashing of their front door. The goat turned and ran, but was captured by a noble team of three Paramus Police Department officers, carefully and lovingly, in a blanket.

They're asking the owner to come forward and get his or her goat. Anyone who knows the goat should call the Paramus Police Department at (201) 262-3400.




Source:  Modern Farmer

Image courtesy of Paramus Police Dept.

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